English Charecters Only / אותיות באנגלית בלבד


I scanned the QR code on the candle label but could not access additional information.

Scanning the barcode should access a webpage with additional information about the person. Sometimes the web page is unavailable. Since the web site belongs to others & is not part of our web site, we have no control over these web pages. Should this occur, kindly notify us & we will exert efforts to find a replacement web page. [email protected]

Why is it important to light a memorial candle for the victims?

Unfortunately the number of survivors able to tell their story is decreasing rapidly, while at the same time, holocaust deniers are both increasing in number & becoming louder.

The tradition of lighting a personal memorial candle at home, with family and friends, on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, keeps the memory of the perished alive.  The focus on individuals highlights the lives led by the perished – a glimpse of who they were and what they did.

Just as lighting a Menorah on Hanukah or reading the Hagadda on Passover passes on our national history from generation to generation, lighting the candle & telling the story of the perished  keeps their memory alive, for generations.


What is the rationale behind the design of the label?

In the center, the WHITE Star of David (with “softened” points, unlike the Nazi yellow Star of David”), focuses on the individual & the LIFE they led – who they were & what they did. With no regard to how the Nazis referred to them. The white star is centered on a “wall of names”, representing the 6 million who perished, all of whom need to be remembered. Yellow & black emphasizes the beginning & the end – life & death.

Our victory is the continuity of the Jewish nation & our commitment to keep the memory of each individual alive.

Can I donate and are donations tax-deductible (Section 46 / IRS qualified)?

While the Remembrance project started in 2013, we officially became a recognized non-profit organization by the Israeli Government in 2016.

We received tax exemption status from the Israeli Government in 2018.

We encourage your support with donations, volunteering and promoting this project. Kindly contact us at [email protected]

What sources of information were used for the Names Remembered?

The Names Remembered database was collected by information submitted by Holocaust survivors and family members of the perished, school students and members of various organizations.  Research made on the internet supplied a large portion of data from Yad Vashem, Wikipedia and other specialized credible web sites.

What is the meaning of the question mark that appears on some labels?


Much information about the perished is unknown, unclear and/or challenging to obtain. The question mark appears on some labels, below the name of the perished, on the line of the “year of birth- year of death” when the year is not known and/or uncertain.  If you have additional information, we would appreciate your sharing it with us.

What safety rules must be followed when lighting the candle?

For a complete list of safety rules, we recommend following the rules specified by the National Candle Association