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About Us

To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time.
Elie Wiesel, "Night"

Our mission is to instill a family tradition of remembering the perished.

The tradition of lighting a personal memorial candle with family or friends, in memory of those who perished during the Shoah, ensures that the voice of the Holocaust will continue to be heard and will retain meaning for generations to come. Just as we light a Menorah on Hannukah and read the Haggada on Passover Eve, we will light personal memorial candles each year on Yom HaShoah.

How can this be accomplished?

The Israeli Ministry of Education’s partnership in distributing candles in 2016 to 500,000 students and in 2017 to 800,000 students throughout Israel enabled this tradition to take off at full speed.

We are committed to:

  • Provide access to quality personal memorial candles prior to Erev Yom HaShoah, every year.
  • Substantially increase the number of perished remembered each year, until reaching our goal of “A candle for Every Name”.
  • Encourage the Jewish nation, especially the younger generation, to light these candles with their family, every year.
Our Partners
Harvey & Gloria Kaylie Foundation
The Jaffa Institute